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Say Goodbye to Financial Frauds

Mosakke Heli Goodbye is to protect you and your family from financial frauds. Watch the videos on 12 types of Financial Frauds, join the people’s movement.

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Mohan Krishnarao.

A passionate financial economist and founder of a unique family finance management app “FinMo”, Mohan has been protecting the interests of hundreds of families in the last six years with the objective of helping them to reach financial moksha.
Mohan has also compiled India’s economic progress since it’s independence titled ‘India’s Splendid Journey: 1947-2019″, this is a comprehensive chronological compilation of all major events from the first cabinet ministry of Pt.Jawaharlal Nehru in 1947 to Abrogation of Article 370 on 5 August 2019. The next progression has lead Mohan to conceptualise a popular people’s movement against financial frauds and this has been getting very high participation and appreciation. This has been brought under the CSR initiative of FinMo.


But why with Mohan?

Equipped with over two decades of experience in diverse sectors within finance domain, Mohan has been indulging in extensive research. While researching on various finance-related topics, Mohan stumbled upon scams right from the time India got its independence. The magnitude was beyond anyone’s imagination which gave rise to a thought and ultimately a desire to get this fact across to the people in India. That’s when Mosakke Heli Goodbye, a people’s movement against financial frauds took shape. The idea is not to blame any individual or any organisation but to enable and empower people to safeguard themselves from financial frauds

Mohan KrishnaRao

Production Manager


We’re blessed!
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji extending his blessings and support to Mosakke Heli Goodbye!!
Our MHG Champions took up the initiative of reaching out to people at different locations across Bangalore to make them aware of Financial Frauds

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