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Saturday Show

Episode 1 – Fraudology (18 Jan)

India has lost Rs.200 Trillion to frauds since Independence

Episode 2 – Ponzi Schemes (25 Jan)

The lure of higher earnings on deposits is like a magnet

Episode 3 – Insurance related frauds (1 Feb)

Insurance frauds happen because of sales practices – Misselling

Episode 4 – Stock market related frauds (8 Feb)

Trading is gambling, one needs to be experienced to start making money

Episode 5 – Religious belief based frauds (15 Feb)

Using magic tricks and claim to have divine powers is seriously a fraud

Episode 8 – Earning less than potential (7 March)

Explore your skills, build on it & earn based on your full potential

Daily Tax Saving Tips

Episode 1 – (12 Feb)

Maximum tax savings under 80C is only 1.5Lakhs, that includes.

Episode 2 – (13 Feb).

Pension policy – What is accumulation phace and what is withdrawal phase? Listen to Mohan Krishnarao for unknown insights

Episode 3 – (14 Feb).

Endowment Policy – The most important facts in the life insurance policies explained in simple terms

Episode 4 – (17 Feb)

Fixed deposits – is it really safe to invest in FDs? The truth revealed..

Episode 5 – (18 Feb)

PF & EPF – Is it really benefcial? Is it safe? Listen to the expert speak

Episode 6 – (19 Feb)

Investment to save tax – Quickfixes & other optionsfor tax savings. Direct from the expert, Mohan Krishnarao

Episode 7 – (20 Feb)

Fixed deposits – How to use it as a tax saving instrument & also some myths along with banking scams

Episode 8 – (21 Feb)

Dividend yielding MF & FD – What is the difference? Which is more beneficial? Which to opt for tax savings? Listen to the expert…

Episode 14 – (2 Mar)

NPS & ULIP – What’s good for you? Which is better? Which helps save more tax? Click on the link to know more…

Episode 15 – (3 Mar)

Clarity on National Pension Scheme – What is a pension scheme? What is NPS? Complete clarity and what suits you best can be learnt here

Episode 16 – (4 Mar)

Housing loan EMIs – How does the interest rates impact your EMIs? Know more, click on the link above

Episode 17 – (5 Mar)

Tax savings through fixed deposits – FDs, Tax savings, 80C & more. Expert Mr.Mohan Krishnarao speaks

Episode 18 – (6 Mar)

FD & Dividen yielding Mutual Funds – More gyan, more information which gives you an amazing insight. Click here to further understand the benefits of both saving schemes

Episode 19 – (9 Mar)

FD & other safe investment options – Need to invest, do not know how or where to invest? Click on the link to know what exactly to do

Episode 20 – (10 Mar)

Amazing investment opportunity and monthly investment plan – Know about the new product in the market that gives you higher returns and which is equally safe

Episode21 – (11 Mar)

EPF & PPF – Which suits your investment better? What is a lock in period here? What are the other options better than this? Click on the link for answers