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EP 1:Introduction to Fraudology

This episode is an introduction to “Mosakke Heli Goodbye” and talks about the 12 Episodes to be broadcast every week. Watch Former Chief Justice of India, Sri M N Venkatachaliah talking about the need and the importance of this kind of awareness…

EP 2: Strategised Ponzi Frauds

Watch how the high interest schemes lure people and con them. Protect your family from these Ponzi and MLM schemes. Listen to Sri Bhaskar Rao IPS, Commissioner of Police, Bangalore cautioning us to be careful

EP 3:Insurance Related Frauds

We may be having lot of policies without knowing what it covers and most of the times we not even know the names of it. Watch this episode to avoid mis-buying or becoming victim of Mis-selling in Insuarance. Listen to Mr.Frank Noronha, Former Chief of Press Information Bureau.

EP 4: Stock Market Related Frauds

If you have lost money in stock market & trading, this is a must watch for you. Learn how not to get cheated in daily trading and invest carefully. Follow what Mr.Firoze Azeez, Dy.CEO of Anand Rathi Wealth Management has to say

EP 5: Religious Belief Based Frauds

There are so many self-declared godmen who play with our beliefs and sentiments. Many lose their hard-earned money. Watch this episode to see this interesting discussion. Listen to Shri.Veerendra Heggade of Dharmasthala, his insights on the difference between problem solving and…

EP 6: Online & Banking Related Frauds

Yes, Bangalore is the IT capital of India, It is also scores high in the online frauds. Check how, on every day basis, people are losing money to fraudsters and its time to protect yourself. Listen to Mr.Tejasvi Surya, MP – South Bangalore talk about the importance…

EP 7: Black Money & Tax Evasion Frauds

Keeping unaccounted cash & not paying tax is self-inflicting fraud. Black money causes inflation and can be unsafe way of handling money, one can easily lose this money and cannot file a complaint if lost. Listen to the words of Former Lokayukta, Justice Shri. Santhosh Hegde in this regard

EP 8: Earning Less Than Your Potential

Make the most of your earning life. Stop earning less than your potential. Explore & realize your potential and earn accordingly. Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji has his views which gives us helpful insights

EP 9: Stop Buying Junk

Did you ever realize that 70% of the things we buy have never been used after the purchase? Amazing insights and loss of money has been discussed in this episode along with the views from activist Shri.Chakravarthy Sulibele

EP 10: Lack Of Financial Clarity

Know what your financial aim is. Most of us suffer regarding money issues at some point of time in our lives. Have financial clarity, this is most required for a stress free life. Eminent educationist Shri.Gururaja Karjagi has sound advise for all of us